How to jazz up your work outfits!

Following on from my recent posts about bright yellow ( here and here ) I am also really into bright orange. I have been wearing this Rimmel orange nail varnish for the first half of this week. I was wearing it in work to brighten up my office outfits and it really did the trick. I think that nail varnish is a fab way to brighten up the usual office outfits and I plan on getting some pastel shades for the same reason.

Orange Rimmel Nail Varnish

You must use a base coat when you use bright shades of nail varnish, especially with this Rimmel range.  I tend to put two coats on and then apply the bright colour before applying a top coat. This orange lasted on my nails from Sunday till Tuesday evening when I finally removed it and left my nails for 24 hours without nail varnish so they could breathe. I try to let my nails have a day to breathe each week because it can’t be good having nail varnish on all the time, though I don’t think my nails look very pretty without varnish.

Does anyone know how to make nails stronger? Once my nails start to finally grow long they break.

Tip: If you run out of nail varnish and it’s too late to nip to the shop (even in this 24 hour world we live in) then use hairspray!

Orange Rimmel Nail Varnish
What colour nail varnish have you been wearing this week?