Living Nature Lipstick: Wave

I have been using Living Nature lipstick in Wave c/o Mypure. I picked a colour I wouldn’t normally go for, I really like dark shades on other people but out of habit haven’t purchased many. I am really glad I picked Wave because it’s a lovely deep red wine shade which goes perfectly with my hair, well I think it does anyway. I like that this lipstick can be applied very easily and just glides onto your lips. You can built up the lipstick and change how dark you have the shade each day. Sometimes I just have one light layer on and put some gloss over it and others I will apply two strokes and brave having my lips a little darker. I will share some photos of me wearing the lipstick this week.

The only problem with Living Nature lipstick is that it’s not so fab for when you have very dry lips. I had to avoid using it on days where my skin was dry but luckily a little Badger lip balm fixed me up and I was good to go with Living Nature again.


Price: £15.00 – I think Living Nature Wave is worth it.

I do think this is a little expensive for a lipstick but at the same time it’s in line with most of the other beauty counters within shops like John Lewis so I wouldn’t say it’s over priced. When I buy a lipstick I will wear it most days and make good use of it so I am happy to pay £15.00 for a good quality lipstick every few months. I won’t buy a lipstick for the sake of it and I am not a beauty junkie, I would rather buy fewer quality products and I buy a new lipstick as and when I need it. Though after watching many Vlogs I have realised that I am browsing the make up counters much more than usual.


Have you ever used Living Nature lipstick?

How often do you buy a new lipstick?