Prettygreentea Mavala Blogger Spotlight

Hello everyone. I hope that Monday has been a good day for you, if not then relax and forget all about it and start Tuesday with a fresh face. I have a little bit of exciting news today, if you follow me on Twitter  you may have already seen that Mavala asked me to me their Blogger Spotlight for March. I am a huge fan of Mavala, I actually found my love for Mavala via that issue of Elle back in September (2011). I then used their nail varnish remover about two months back, it’s a blue bottle which I got in town and really couldn’t have been more pleased with. The blue Mavala nail varnish remover takes off glitter with ease. What more could I want from a nail varnish remover. So you see, I have lots of love for Mavala and was so delighted when they asked me to be the Blogger Spotlight for March. It was nice to know they have seen my blog and liked it.  
I am wearing this Mavala nail varnish this week. 
You can read my interview with Mavala here and if you don’t fancy reading it then don’t! I just thought I would point you in the direction of it and highlight something I think is fab on my blog.
Thank you Mavala and a big thank you to my lovely readers! Your comments always make me smile and I like that I can find your blogs and follow you back!