Queen Eye Make-up Remover

Hello lovely friends! I have been using Queen Eye Make-up Remover (c/o Queen) for just over two months now and I don’t think I will ever need to try another eye make-up remover again. Queen has ticked all the right boxes and I am keen to try more products from them. 
The first time I used the Queen Eye Make-up Remover it did seem quite an unusual way to remove mascara but I soon became used to it. I now only use Queen to remove my make-up and have never had any irritation to my skin from it and am finding it is really giving moisture to the skin around my eyes.
The formula of queen is like a thick moisturiser, you take a little (and I mean a little) in your fingers and rub it onto your eye lashes and around your eyes. You look like a panda for a moment or so but then you wash off the product with warm water and your eyes are delightfully soft. The formula of the product is lovely and moisturising and I am finding that it is helping with the dry skin/eczema I get on my eye lids (which is usually such a pain). I always make sure I rub this on very lightly and try my best to be very light with my fingers. You can use a cotton pad to apply this which is what I do when I am not being lazy. Maybe you should applying with a cotton pad first because it’s what Queen recommends and as I am now converted to Queen I would say you should do as they say!
Queen eye make up remover
I had never heard of Queen till the other month. As someone who has always suffered with sensitive skin it seems strange that I was never pointed in the direction of Queen by my doctor. I am shocked because Queen has over 80 years of experience of providing pure, proven skin care and make-up for sensitive skin. Queen do not test on animals, they do not use fragrances or essential oils in their products and best of all they don’t put any unnecessary ingredients in. There is a pretty amazing history to Queen and here is a little information in their own words:

In fact, Queen originated the concept of hypo-allergenic – non-allergic – cosmetics in 1927. The formulae were specially devised for clients with sensitive skin by a team of dermatologists and were first manufactured and sold at a pharmacy in Queen Square, London. Today, the products are manufactured by hand at our premises in East Sussex according to the original formulations.
You can read more about their story here.

Price: £14.50 – 50g pot In my many years of using various make up removers I haven’t used one which I have felt 100% happy about…till now. I wear mascara most days and have been using Queen to remover it for over two months and still have so much left in the pot, it doesn’t even look like much has been used. I must show you a photo actually, I think I will do a follow up review in a few weeks to show you how long I think the pot will last. As it stands I think it will last me a good few months on top of the current two! So, do I think £14.50 is a fair price for a 50g pot of make-up remover? Yes, yes yes! I will be making sure my mum gets the chance to use this and I will of course be repurchasing once my pot runs out. If you have sensitive skin then you must try skin and check out everything else they have on offer too. 
Queen eye remover
When payday arrives I really want to try some more products from Queen. I am keen to try their blusher, lipstick  and their toner for very dry skin. My list could go on and I will of course let you know what I order when the end of the month arrives. 
Have you heard of Queen?

Do you have sensitive skin?

Are you tempted to try Queen?

You can pop over to the website and buy a trial size of the eye remove for £1 yay!