Signs of summer..

The sun has been shining all week here in the UK and it really feels like summer is on it’s way. A few things that make me realise summer will soon be hitting us is the first few days of sitting outside sipping cider (strawberry and lime). The second sign is sitting round the table with newspapers and magazines whilst eating lunch and of course sipping a gin & tonic or if you would rather you could have a cuppa tea.

As much as I love the winter months it also get’s to this time of the year when I am ready for the summer. People will be starting to get their summer exercise on and I am no different. I haven’t been running daily because of where I have been based for work. I have however had 30 minutes of exercise within my daily routine and then do as much running as I can at the weekends. This weekend will be a little harder as I am going to be in London. I am hoping to get out for a run on Saturday afternoon. I find that keeping running and other forms of exercise within my daily routine means I don’t feel so guilty when I enjoy in summer treats. 


I find it very hard to read something without having a notebook to hand. There is always a quote or some useful information I want to write down and go back to at a later date. This can become a little annoying at times and I end up writing huge lists on my phone whilst I am reading on the train. Does anyone else need to have a notebook whilst they read?


What are your plans for this weekend?