Tea Swap

Lovely Erin over at My Beautiful Disaster  arranged a tea swap awhile back and I was paired with the lovely Alice from The Waarviks. Erin has a lovely blog which I think you will all enjoy. Alice also has a lovely blog full of family photos and has a second blog over at Joy Transferred  where she tells of the journey of adoption. You really must check her blogs out. Alice and her delightful family live in Alaska which I think is fantastic, I would love to visit Alaska and experience their snowy ways.

Alice kindly included some extra goodies within the tea swap. I will be putting the brushes and paint to good use soon, I am saving them for a sunny afternoon so I can sit outside and be creative. It’s so fun to be sent lovely gifts in the post especially when they come all the way from a place one has never visited. I enjoy all kinds of tea and was very pleased to try the onces Alice sent over. Darjeeling is a lovely tea for the morning and it was also fab to get two caffeine free teas because I am actually trying to curb my caffeine intake (kind of). 

Paint brush

Have you ever taken part in a tea swap?