It’s ok to like expensive handbags..

Have you heard of A.P.C? My friend at work sent me a link to a jacket he was looking and I thought it would have been rude not to check out what else A.P.C had to offer. This my friends was a very silly mistake. I now have a list of (expensive) things I want from A.P.C which doesn’t really go hand in hand with upgrading my camera because that raises a little cash money situation. One of the items I can’t stop thinking about is this shoulder bag, it’s white and navy which is a classic colour combination and the shape is beautiful. However at €265 I don’t think this is something I should be lusting after especially as I am pretty sure I could find something very similar but vintage. I actually had an all navy bag in a similar style which I wore till it broke, it was vintage and cost only £2. 
I don’t think it’s wrong to lust after expensive handbags, watches, camera or whatever your chosen thing is. We all have different priorities as to what we spend our money on and everyone is entitled to do that. I see so many haters on Youtube leaving horrible comments on vlogs asking where they get their money from or why they spend it on certain things. I think that everyone can spend the money they earn on whatever they want. There are things I would never dream of spending large amounts of money on – but you might. I am into photography and I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing the Canon 5d Mark iii (if I had the money) and if all of a sudden I find I get some more freelance work in and can afford the A.P.C shoulder bag then I would be very likely to buy it. In the world of Prettygeentea you can do what you want. However, the truth is I don’t have the money to buy these things right now and I don’t do credit cards. My plan is to work hard and then I will be able to treat myself.

Stop hating on the vloggers.