Reading gives you inspiration.

I still haven’t had time to read this book or magazine. I started them both about a week back and just seem to be low on reading time. Actually, that could be a lie. I seem to spend so much time reading articles or working on my blog that by the time it comes to turning my laptop off my eye just don’t want to focus on any more words. I also have an addiction to playing games on my phone at the moment and downloading a crazy amount of apps which then keeps me awake half the night. I do spend the majority of my evening listening to podcasts though it’s not like my brain is empty, it’s just too busy with thoughts to find time to read. I am going to try to make a special effort to turn the laptop off around 10:00 each evening and then read for a while before bed. I find reading gives me so much inspiration and leads me to finding new websites, books and a notebook full of new ideas. As with magazines I always have to have a notebook by my side when I am reading so I can jot down any useful or inspirational quotes or bits of information.
I read Brand Sense on the train the other day and will have a review of it coming up this week. I actually have a stack of new books waiting to be read but I am trying to finish my library books first so I can take them back this week.

I shall now turn this laptop off and go and read.

What book are you reading at the moment?