Me and my Sperry Top Siders

On Sunday morning I woke early to to rain and howling wind and as much as I wanted to turn over and continue sleeping I managed to force myself to sit up and read in bed. It was lovely to be warm and cosy in my bed with a book and cup of tea whilst the rain did it’s thing outside. I thought the rain wasn’t going to stop so I get settled in for the day and worked on a few different projects along with drinking a few cups of tea. By lunch time my tea had turned to gin & tonic and the sun was shining. Yes, you read that right, the rain and scary wind had totally gone and the sun was shining. I pulled on a dress and my usual black tights and as I was about to reach for my Vans I spotted my brand new Sperry shoes smiling at me. It did cross my mind that the rain would come back but I decided I would risk trying out my new Sperry shoes and keep my fingers crossed that there would be no surprise rain.

I will be wearing my Sperry shoes more when the weather is a little more predictable, though when is it ever predictable in the UK. A good few years ago when I was in college (6 years to be exact, wow) I spent a good few months searching for Sperry boat shoes in the UK, I never found any but did have a few pairs from Crew. I know that these days they have a very pretty connotation to them and people have been really over doing them over the last few years but I think that Sperry and Crew are classic and very hard wearing compared to the ‘fashion’ versions that can be found in Topshop, River Island and other high-street stores. I always wear clear tights in the summer so it’s rare that I will wear sandals but with this lovely pair of blue Sperrys I can wear them with my tights and dresses.

I like trying to mix my style up from time to time, I don’t want to be predictable. I will always be known for my classic stripe tshirts, Converse, Vans and biker boots but I don’t want to always look the same. I think it’s good to experiment with new styles and I am always open to trying out something I wouldn’t normally wear. I find that wearing different shoes can really change your outfit and that is why I am very pleased to finally have a pair of Sperrys in my life. Though they are not my usual style of shoe these days I know that they will be fab for summer, they look delightfully girly and are a much softer and lighter choice of shoe to go with my summer dresses. You can buy Sperry Top Siders from OfficeASOS and Coggles.


I did find another style of Sperry shoes which I liked but they aren’t stocked in the UK. I am really gutted about this because I think they would look perfect with summer dresses and would be very easy to wear. So I can only hope that the people at Sperry will start to sell them in the UK. Maybe I should message them on Twitter and find out why these pretty pumps are not over here.