My Sunday: Sunshine in Southwold

It was lovely to finally have chance to enjoy the good weather on Sunday. I spent all week in work and on Saturday I was at the iFabbo conference and didn’t see much of the sunshine. My week had been very tiring and I was feeling it on Sunday morning (6am starts and returning at 7pm are draining me) so I was glad to be able to hide behind my sunglasses all day. I went for a walk through the town and had a look in the new Aubin and Wills shop. As much as I didn’t want to like it I found that it was full of beautiful prints and I was drawn to everything in the shop. I am sure I will be popping back in there soon. I then made my way to the beach as went for a long walk on the sand, the sun was very hot but there was a lovely sea breeze which was nice. 

Prettygreentea huts

Soutwold town was very busy but not as busy as the beach, it was like the middle of summer down there. People were swimming in the sea, children were building sandcastles and everyone had an ice lolly in their hand! 

Prettygreentea southwold beach

Before I left the house I thought that my yellow converse would be ideal to wear out and about in the sunshine. They were as comfy as ever and the yellow looked fab with my white dress but I couldn't help thinking I would rather be wearing sandals. The only problem is that I find it very hard to find sandals I like, I can find shoes, trainers and boots too easily but when it comes to sandals I am very fussy. I want to try and ensure I wear sandals more this summer, it's nice to let your feet get some air and sunshine. The hunt for the perfect pair of sandals begins. 

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My mum and I shared a sandwich on the beach from Suzie's cafe and I found what I think may be my new favourite drink, Breckland Orchard - Ginger and chilli

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What did you do at the weekend? Did anyone have a BBQ, I really fancy havin one.