Doctor Renaud: Raspberry soft cream

I have been using three different face creams for two months now. I got a few No7 creams when the Boots 3 for 2 deal was on and I was also sent two creams to try out. I am going to be doing a review on each one and today is Doctor Renaud: Raspberry soft cream
This face cream is fantastic for anyone with very dry skin but if you have oily skin I would avoid it. My skin is very dry and those of you who also have dry skin will know how pleasing it is to use a face cream which keeps your face moisturised for long periods of time. I have used many creams which just don’t moisturise my skin for longer than half an hour and I end up having to apply more. With Raspberry soft cream my face feels beautifully smooth and full of moisture from the moment I apply it and lasts throughout the day. It’s rare that I have to apply any more during the day but because the packaging is very light and a good size and shape to keep in a handbag I always have it there just in case. I have used it as a hand cream from time to time and as you can imagine it is very good but I have to wait a few minutes before typing on my keyboard again.

Raspberry soft cream 2

Price: £24.95 – 50ml – I still have just under half a tube of this face cream left and I have been using it for around one month in total. I have also been using a variety of creams in the evening so this has stuck to being my morning cream. I also use this as a hand cream from time to time so it’s worth keeping that in mind. I think that this is going to last in total for just over two months and I don’t think that is a bad price to pay when you know it’s going to really look after your skin. This is a cream which I would be more inclined to buy at times when I know my skin is going to be very dry.

I personally find that it’s always good to have more than one cream to use during the summer months because big changes in the weather can cause my skin to become more dry. I buy a wide price range of  make up and beauty products, it just depends on how much I feel I can spend during that certain month.   

This cream can be purchased via the website.

Raspberry soft cream

The best thing
 about this cream is that although it is very thick and leaves your skin lovely and soft it isn’t greasy at all. It can be hard to find a non greasy yet very thick and intensive face cream but Doctor Renaud has the solution with Raspberry soft cream. I highly recommend this for those of you with very dry skin.