La Mortuacienne – Pamplemousse with gin

prettygreentea pink

La Mortuacienne – Pamplemousse goes beautifully well with gin, a little ice and tastes best when the sun is shining.┬áPamplemousse is my favourite fruit, for those who don’t know it is the French word for grapefruit. I don’t often drink fizzy drinks unless I am on holiday and sipping Coca Cola through a straw from a glass bottle. I do however use fizzy drinks as mixers for gin, whisky and rum. My new find of La Mortuacienne has gone down very well as a partner in crime to gin, they do other flavours but I am yet to try them.

Prettygreentea Pamplemousse

For┬ábalance, this drinks tastes delicious without the gin so don’t go telling your parents that you simply must add a dash of gin because this is not the case (this is for those of you who aren’t of the legal drinking age..). This is a very refreshing drink on it’s own, it’s not too bitter as you may expect a grapefruit drink to be but nor is it too sweet, it is simply perfect alongside your lunch.

I got this bottle of La Mortuacienne – Pamplemousse from a tiny shop in Framlingham, I often buy it when I go there and I am sure other indie shops stock it but you can also buy it in Heals and John Lewis (according to Google).

Prettygreentea pink drink

Pink gin is a very fine thing and something you must share.