House and home: Maps

A map is always an adventure provoking item to add to any home and they are always very pretty. I have had a world map on my bedroom wall for a few years now but have always had a fascination with vintage and specialised maps. I actually found a map with all the national parks on it whilst browsing on Etsy and I am already planning to make it a goal to visit each one. The reason for my love of maps is that when one falls into my hands I want to stick a pin in it and go straight to wherever that place may be and just get lost. I would start my adventure from that point and then ensure I tick off each place as I go along. 
National Parks by ElloThere
Vintage England Map by Missquitecontrary
Having a map of the world or of a country you like within your home helps you to remember that travel is an essential part of our lives. Don’t let the rush of daily life and materialism get in the way of travel, a nice combination of the two will work better.