Healthy snack: Grapefruit

Helo everyone! It’s been a while since I did a blog about healthy snacks so I thought I would let you know what my favourite fruit of July was. So, July was all about the grapefruit, this isn’t hard to get hold of (very cheap in Lidl) and it’s not very exotic but I love it. Some of you may not be keen on grapefruits because they can be a little bitter and if that’s the case then just sprinkle with sugar and you may find it easier to eat. I don’t put any sugar on my grapefruit because I like the bitter taste and I am cutting down on refined sugar.

A note to those of you who say you don’t like grapefruits: Don’t forget that your taste buds change as you get older and if you haven’t had any grapefruit since you were a kid then I suggest you try it out, why not? You have nothing to loose. If you still don’t like grapefruit then you can always add it into a smoothie with fruits you do like and still get the benefits from it.
Benefits – Grapefruits are high in fibre and low in calories so they really are ideal for snacking on as part of a healthy diet. Whilst we are speaking of having a healthy diet, I think it’s good to aim to change your diet and eat well all the time with a few naughty treats now and then as opposed to going on a week or month long diet. You need to have a lifestyle change and not a short term fix. Back to why grapefruits are good – If you feel you are getting a cold then eat some grapefruit or mix it in with a fruit smoothie. I have my smoothies with ice instead of yoghurt but you can put whatever you like in them. All fruits are good for fighting against colds so the more fruit you can eat or drink then the quicker you will get better. I have even heard that having grapefruit juice before bed can help with sleep. I will have to try that out and let you know if it helps with my insomnia.
Do know of any exotic or interesting fruits?

Do you like grapefruit?