Hats and shoes

Prettygreentea cowboy boots

I have finally started thinking about the shoes that ill be wearing in winter. I don’t have that many rain appropriate shoes, apart form wellies. Wellies don’t always seem as socially acceptable in the city as they are in the countryside, so I am on the search for some city winter shoes. I am hoping my Petite Mendigote and Bronx boots will keep my feet dry during autumn, but I do worry that they may get ruined. I have taken out the two pairs of brogues I own and wouldn’t mind getting back into wearing them. Brogues tend to go with most outfits and if they are good quality then you don’t have the worry of getting wet feet like you do with pumps. Will you be wearing brogues this a/w?


I know I have been banging on about it for ages, but I am glad autumn is finally here. I am already wearing my winter coats and even got out the silly amount of hats I own. At the moment I have a Great Plains coat from last winter and an older Topshop one. Although I have seen a few nice coats in Topshop I will be trying to stay away from them. In my experience Topshop coats don’t seem to last very long and for the prices they put on them it just isn’t right. I would prefer to spend a little more and find a coat that will last more than one winter. There are some really good hats on the high street at the moment. I usually buy all my hats after Christmas because they jump straight into the sale but there are a few I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a little sooner.