Looking back: September 2011

One of the best things about blogging and photography is being able to look back easily on the things you did. It can be easy to forget the small things. A photo of that yummy coffee ice cream you had at the beach last year will help to bring back a bunch of other memories from that day.

In September 2011 I had left my home in Manchester and come to live with the parents in Suffolk. My days were spent applying for jobs and sitting on the beach reading books.


I was still ignoring the no dairy thing and eating all the coffee ice cream I wanted.


I spent most of my time with my camera.


Post from lovely Jennifer.


I miss using this pretty Living Nature soap collection.


I was wearing the same Converse that I have been wearing this month.


I can’t remember if I ever got round to reading all the old copies of National Geographic that I picked up from the charity shop. I struggled to get through my new magazines and books. I do remember that I stopped buying magazines in October 2011 and that latest till around Feb/March 2012.

Strong coffee and Elle

Magazines and strong coffee, the best way to start any morning.


The view from my window.


Scarecrow trail.


Making cupcakes.


More reading material for the month.


Southwold from the pier.


Shoes from Next.


I started to play with the fish eye lens. I had got this lens a few months before in Manchester but neglected it. I haven’t used it for quite some time actually, I might bring it out on my walks next week.


I clearly had quite a bit of time on my hands during September 2011.


What I wore: TUESDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER 2011

Lipstick stain

Lipstick stained coffee cup.


All the flowers.

If you like looking back on what you were doing this time last year then you may also like Timehop. An email is sent each day (depending on how often you update) telling you what you updated your Facebook/Twitter or other social media platforms with 1 year ago. I think mine is hooked up to the wrong time but on Facebook on the 29/09/12 I set my status with a link to: 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee. Bit pointless? Maybe, but I like it.