New York: Burger Burger

burgerburger2 burgerburger3 Burgerburger1 Rootbeer2 burgerburger4
After a long day of walking in New York I headed to Wall Street and hung outside Tiffany & Co waiting for D to finish work. After 30 minutes of watching suits dashing out of the Trump building, (my favourite one had a skateboard) he finally appeared and off we went in search of food. In the heart of the financial district was Burger Burger. It was a very small shop with enough room for 6 people to make their orders. The portions were huge, the burger was delicious and the salad was fresh. As always in NY, I found the service to be fantastic as the staff were delightfully friendly and helpful. If you’re happy to eat outside with your burger in a cardboard box then you wont be let down by Burger Burger. If I go back to NY during the winter I will be going there again.

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