Shoes I wore in summer

The first thing I noticed when looking back at the shoes I wore over summer was that I always had tights on. Maybe next summer I will brave bare legs with my fab Minnetonka flats, I doubt it though. That’s a bit crazy, but not a crime. I will continue wearing stupidly thick tights during autumn and am thinking of trying Wolford tights, have any of you used them before?

It seems I was wearing Vans and Converse a fair bit through the summer, nothing new there. I find that they go with everything and are really comfortable to walk for miles in. When I was in New York I decided not to take my usual comfortable shoes and went with a pair of new Superga trainers. This was a bad idea, they are comfortable for a few hours but when you do silly things like walking 60 blocks they don’t look after your feet. So you get that I like trainers? Just to confirm it, I also spent time wearing Keds in the summer. I haven’t worn Keds since I was at college and to celebrate I decided to have different coloured laces, just as I did back then.

A new shoe to me this summer was the flatform. I think flatforms are fab, they give you a little height and are comfortable. The other day I was wearing the Vagabond shoes and someone at work described them as ‘interesting’, I guess they really are a love or hate style of shoe. I have a pair of purple Vagabond and some mustard yellow ASOS Vera flatforms. The ASOS ones are in the sale right now and you can buy them here.

IMG_9170 IMG_8350 Heart IMG_8119 converse and skirt IMG_4508 Prettygreentea superga new shoes

Minnetonka Prettygreentea Keds prettygreentea vans

I used to buy Primark flats and wear them to death, that usually meant they lasted for about two weeks. I gave up with cheap flats and haven’t found a pair I really like for quite some time. I did find the most pretty pair of flats from Couleur Pourpre but they were simply too flat. These are now coming towards they end of their life. I did try to just wear them in the house but I ended up walking down to the beach with them a few times. A few outings were really all they could handle. These shoes are good for a house shoe or to use on very special occasions only. Although they are too flat they do get bonus points for being so very beautiful. To try and find something a little more practical than flats I went with a pair of Esprit sandals. I haven’t had much of a chance to wear these because I got them right towards the end of summer.

What were your most worn shoes this summer?