The hunt for equestrian boots: for short girls..

The thing I find most annoying when I am buying shoes is the yearly hunt for a pair of boots. The majority of boots are designed for tall people, or from my experience anyway. Those beautiful equestrian tan and black boots, you know the ones I mean, don’t you? They used to only be found in Russell and Bromley but now all high-street shops seem to have them. Well, I have always wanted a pair of those but have never found a pair that are good for my height. They are just too damn long. I don’t have legs that go up to my neck, sadly. So it means that when I put on a pair of fantastic leather boots they just look silly, real silly. This style of boot and many others are meant to stop below or at the knee. Not with me. The boot continue to go up my leg which then makes walking in them most difficult. This is something that irritates me each year and I am yet to find a good solution. I did find a pair of 60s style boots in Office a good few years back, but the bad quality, service and stupid price put me off ever going there again. I did spot a similar pair in the window this year, priced at £90, I am temped to check out the quality of them but I know I would be foolish to buy them. Do let me know if you see any equestrian boots that aren’t quite as tall as they others.

 I have been forced to settle with safer options, mid range boots, cowboy boots and ankle boots are what I tend to stick with. I still go and size up the longer boots against my leg from time to time, but I am yet to find something suitable. So, this year I have fallen for some Levi’s boots. They aren’t long but they also aren’t ankle height. There is a happy medium with this boot and the heel looks like it will last longer than a few months. I don’t know when or if I will get these but they are near the top of my shoes list at the moment.

Do any of you have problems with buying boots?