House and home: Tea towel form GirlsCanTell

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a good week and are enjoying this chilly weekend. This evening I have found something pretty for the home. I have rented many houses and flats over the years and know how hard it is to make a place feel like your own. After renting a few rooms I realised that it’s the little things in your room or around the house that really make a difference and help you to feel content. Having your favourite mug to drink out of, fairy lights around the bed, a cinnamon candle or just a few beautiful magazines by the bed will help to make you ‘feel at home’.

As I was browsing Etsy I came across some beautiful and fun tea towels. Instead of buying them from the pound shop or supermarket you could invest in something a little more pretty. There should be something lovely to look at in every room of your home or the place you stay. I know this wont be what everyone wants to do with their extra cash but if it is then Girls can tell is a good place to start looking.

Girls can tell is a beautiful little Etsy shop full of lunch bags, coasters and tea towels. As soon as I saw the coffee tea towel and the unicorn bag I knew this was an Etsy shop I would be going back to. For some strange reason I don’t feel like thinking or talking about Christmas too much. However, I have added this shop to my diary and plan on returning to it when I fall into the festive and gift buying mood.

Buy here – image taken from the website.