Garlic free Houmous Recipe

I’m a big fan of houmous, especially as it’s so easy to make at home. I love garlic in my houmous but sometimes it can be good to have a garlic-free option for work. Like every other recipe you can add and remove what you like, there are no rules. I sometimes use garlic, jalapenos, red pepper, coriander or onion. Take the basics (chickpeas and tahini) and make this into your own creation.




So, for a simple but delicious garlic free houmous you will need: 
1 can of chickpeas
1 dessert spoon of tahini (if you use 2 cans of chickpeas then add 2 spoons of tahini, simple)
The juice of half a lemon
Salt and pepper (to taste)
Splash of olive oil
If the mixture becomes dry add more olive oil or water.
Pine nuts and sesame seeds to decorate.



What to do:
Blend the tahini and lemon together then add in the chickpeas.
Add a little oil, salt, pepper and whatever else you fancy – blend.
Decorate with seeds, nuts, chopped chillies or olive oil. 

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What’s your favourite kind of houmous? I like mine to be super spicy.