What I wore: Hunter boots

My outfits over Christmas have consisted of lace dresses, pink tights and Hunter boots. Pretty standard for this time of the year. I think in the new year I will start to share more outfit photos, for now they can be seen over on Instagram. I have managed to wear colourful clothes this year and found that I have ended up with just a few black dresses. This is good progress as I used to spend most of my time in black dresses and black tights. For 2013 I need to ensure that I move out of my dress and skirt comfort zone and into the world of jeans and trousers. I actually got my first pair of jeans from topshop at the start of the month and have my eye on a pair of the cigarette trousers. 
Most of my clothes and shoes are back in Norwich, I am looking forward to going back and having a little clear out. I have had a fantastic sorting session here in Suffolk. A lot has been taken to the charity shop (and made it into the window) and any shoes, books and magazines that I want to keep have been boxed away ready for when my parents move.
I sometimes wish I could take all my things to my Norwich base. I have a beautiful typewriter, record player and stacks of coffee table books that deserve to be on show. Whilst I’m still renting it doesn’t make sense to have them with me. They just wont get the love they deserve. I know that once I have a place to myself these things will come to join me.