Walking in the snow

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Coat – Zara, Hat – Fat Face, shoes – Bronx
I spent my lunch break walking through the snow. It’s one of my favourite things to do. I can’t help but stop every few steps to watch the white sky and catch the polluted flakes on my tongue. Don’t you think the snow makes everything look that little bit more beautiful? I adore that perfect silence that comes as the snow falls. It really makes me focus on my feet crunching through the glittery powder and gives me the chance to take in the beauty around me.

What I wore: I wore my Zara coat which kept me pretty warm but not so dry. I own a lot of shoes and have 3 pairs of Hunter wellies, for all occasions. The thing is, I don’t have even one of those pairs of wellies here in Norwich. The reason I love my Hunter boots is that they not only keep feet dry and warm but they also have fantastic grips on them. I ended up spending the day slipping around in my cowboy boots, not the best shoes for snow and ice. Luckily I managed not to fall. I’ll be sad when the snow has gone; it’s probably my favourite time of year. I could easily live someone that gets more snow. Maybe Canada or Austria? The more snow a country gets the more they can cope with it. Here we just seem to let everything fall apart, bit sad really.
Is there snow where you live?