Beauty: Neutrogena hand cream

Evening, all. I was sorting some things out and found a few boxes of beauty products I’d forgotten all  about. There was a full pot of Dream Cream, a few night creams and a bunch of mascaras and eye liners feeling a little unloved. I probably don’t have as much as most people, but it’s starting to take up too much space. I have decided to work my way through the stuff I already have before buying anything new. It’s very easy to pop into Boots or John Lewis when you’re feeling a little glum and and treat yourself to some beauty products without having to spend a big chunk of money. I am going to try and avoid doing this till I really need something. I’ll let you know how I get on.  
This week I will be finishing off a tube of Neutrogena hand cream. I paid around £3 for this from Boots and it’s a good size to keep in your bag. As soon as I saw this in my box of beauty products I knew it was just what my skin needed. The consistency is a thick gel and a really small amount goes a long way. It is particularly good for the winter months because it helps with dry and chapped skin. I also use this on my arms, legs and face and have had no irritation or reactions from it.

This cream can make your hands a little greasy but it’s worth it for the instant relief it gives.