What I wore: Superga

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For some strange reason I decided to go with my Superga pumps today. As much as I love how these shoes look, I really don’t recommend them. Stick to Vans or Converse. They are quite a hard shoe and although they might be ok for walking a short distance in, they are terrible for anything else. I spent days walking in them when I was in NY and really messed my feet up. As I said at the start though, they really do look pretty good and have a good range of colours. I’m not sure that’s a good enough excuse if they don’t treat your feet well.
I haven’t worn this pair of trainers since last summer. I didn’t want to ruin them in the winter and was a little put off Superga after my trip to NY. I’ll have to let you know how I get on with them when I actually leave for work. Maybe I’ll have better luck wearing them around Norwich. If you’ve been following my shoe rut posts then I am sure you will be shaking your head at this one. I think that I’m still expanding out into my other shoe options with these – they just happen to be yet another pair of comfortable shoes and not heels.
Have any of you had the same problem with Superga trainers? Mat from Buckets and Spades warned me about them quite some time back. If you’ve found a way to make these more comfortable then let me know. I’d love to be able to wear these more often – they go well with everything.