What I wore: Vintage blazer

photo (85)
Hat – ASOS, Blazer – vintage, Jeans and shirt – Topshop, socks – H&M
Hi, have you all had a good weekend? This is another post about what I wore at the weekend. Once again it’s coming to you via my phone. I just don’t have the time or natural daylight to go walking about and snapping photos of my daily outfits. I am hoping this will change as the evenings start to get a little lighter or maybe if I stop being lazy and take my camera out at the weekends. 
This colour block hat from ASOS has been keeping my head warm through the winter months and was only £3. I decided to flip back to 2009 and drag out an oversized vintage blazer to wear over my hoodie. I have found quite a few old blazers this weekend, expect to see them popping up on here.