Lovea Nourishing Balm

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We had a sudden change in weather over the weekend. The air turned very cold and there was a light dusting of snow. The temperature change meant my skin became very dry and I was pleased to have one of my favourite creams to hand. I found this tub of Lovea Nourishing Balm at the bottom of my beauty box (old shoe box) and knew I needed to start using it again.

I think I’ve mentioned Lovea a few times on my blog, I have loved everything from the brand and especially like the sweet scent of their creams. This one is very thick which makes it brilliant in the cold weather and because of the Burkina Shea butter it doesn’t leave your skin greasy. It’s ideal for those of you with eczema or anyone with very dry skin. It is also meant to be good to help with fading scars. Actually, if there are any of you reading who are trying to get rid of scars then I also┬árecommend Bio Oil. Which body creams have you been using┬árecently?