Saturday 20/04/13 – Spring clean

Spring has finally arrived. I’ve even put my winter coat away (hopefully for the last time) and treated myself to a new coat form Kin. It’s simple and lightweight, exactly what I need for this changing weather. You can see it over at the John Lewis website and I’ll show you what it looks like IRL with the next outfit post I get up.

I’m trying to have a spring clear out at the moment. I’ve already got rid of a selection of old or well worn shoes and have a few that I’m thinking about selling (Marc Jacob flats). I’ve chucked away old make-up and finished off pots of cream that had been neglected with the arrival of new ones. Oh it’s also got to the stage where I am finally bored of the clothes I have. I’ve made a bag of them ready to go to the charity shop this week. It feels good to be getting rid of things I don’t use and it gives room for new spring clothes. Although I can moments were I hoard things away and never want to part with them, I am also pretty realistic. If I’ve not worn a dress for quite some time then ill happily part with it in the hope of finding something to replace it with. There’s only so long you can keep things for.

On Saturday I spent a few hours going through boxes and boxes of magazines. I seem to do this a lot, but this time it was a very good clear out. For years I have kept boxes upon boxes of magazines and at the moment they are all stored away at my parents place. I’ve slowly parted with some over recent years. The music magazines went first, next were dog-eared copies and finally I got round to giving away a pile of Nylon magazines. I now have boxes of Elle, Pop, Love and a few odd but beautiful magazines. I went through most of the boxes and got rid of the less inspiring ones. My sister will probably go through them before they go off to the charity shop. I don’t buy as many magazines these days but still get Elle and Wired each month. I’m going to start handing those over to people at work once they’ve been read or drop them off at a charity shop.

Don’t forget that you can hand them over to the charity shop. There is nothing better than finding a bunch of old photography magazines for 20p each! Let someone else get some enjoyment out of the things you once loved.