Norwich: Moorish falafel bar



Moorish is one of my favourite places to grab a quick and healthy lunch in Norwich. There’s a variety of falafel pittas on the menu and you can pick and choose any extra salad and sauces you want. I’ve not yet had the chance to try everything on the menu but if you like guacamole then I recommend the Mexican pitta with extra chilis. I’ve heard that the Greek and Sicilian style are really good but the only reason I’ve avoided them is because of the cheese. If you don’t fancy a pitta then the falafel burger may suit you better, I plan on trying one when I go this week.

Little tip  – If you get extra sauce (I always go for hot sauce) then you should eat your pitta straight away. I once took mine back to work and it ended up a bit messy because the sauce soaked through to the bottom of the pitta.

For those who have never had falafel, it’s made from chickpeas, onion, garlic and various herbs. They’re really simple to make at home so if you don’t have a falafel bar near by then definitely check out some recipes on Google and try cooking up your own.

Moorish is on Lower Goat Lane in Norwich – Have any of you been?