Lake Garda: Gelato






I’ll be honest, I really can’t eat too much dairy, it doesn’t agree with my skin. However, when I go on holiday, especially when I’m in Italy, that is the time I’ll indulge. I’ll hold off all year round ’til I’m in the hot sunshine, walking down cobbled streets trying to pick the best gelato shop.

My favourite ice cream flavour is mint or maybe it’s coffee, or … the list goes on. I like most flavours of ice cream and always try and push myself to pick something new each time. If I always went for mint the other flavours would feel left out.

Luckily for my skin, I’m also a fan of sorbet. The one in this photo was a delicious watermelon flavour. Sorbet is a real treat in the hot weather and they seem to have many more varieties of it overseas.

What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream and do you prefer it in a cone or cup?

I can’t wait for my holidays so I can treat myself to lots of ice cream and sorbet.