Boots spearmint lipsalve review

IMG_9608Boots – £1

I’ve managed to curb my Carmex obsession, which I think can be really addictive and not always the best choice. I often have a few lip balms in my bag or on my desk and tend to switch between them. At the moment I’m using this spearmint lipsalve from Boots. There really isn’t much to say when it comes to a pretty basic lipsalve but here is the info you need:

Does it moisturise? Yes
Does it smell good? Yes
Is it long lasting? No, but that’s not really a problem to me as I tend to keep it in my pocket and can use it often.
Does it come in other scents? Yes, I think you can get it in raspberry, original and strawberry.

When winter rolls ’round I try to use something with a lot more moisture, because the cold weather really drys my skin out. This cost around £1 from Boots and is really handy to keep in your college bag, pocket or on your desk at work.