Mavala Repairing Night Cream review


Mavala Repairing Night Cream*

My hands have been drifting in and out of dry spells lately. They sometimes get very sore at night, especially if I’ve let a little dairy slip into my diet or if I’ve been using a soap that doesn’t agree with my skin type. I’ve managed to curb the dryness pretty well and I believe it has a lot to do with this Mavala hand treatment.

I’ve been using this treatment on a regular basis depending on how my hands are feeling. I’m always careful when I try new hand products as some can cause irritation to my skin, I’ve had no problems with this Mavala one though. This is a very¬†simple treatment to use and is seen as a 30 day cure:

1 РApply the cream all over your hands 
2 – Pull on the cotton clothes and let the cream sink into your skin.

I tend to apply the cream at night as I find it very relaxing and it gives my hands a quality amount of time to soak up the product. This is a product that everyone with dry skin should try – especially as the winter months are approaching and your skin will need as much moisture as it can get.