I’m on the hunt for a new iPad Mini case


Hi, all. What a chilly day it was today! I’m delighted to be back home sipping on a warm cup of tea and wrapped up in a silly amount of layers. I’m currently doing some research on cases for my iPad Mini. I’ve started using mine a lot more since I’ve been reading books from it and my current case has become a little dirty. I’ve had it for a good few months now and it’s probably due an upgrade. My current case is by Macally and has done a very good job at protecting my iPad – I reviewed it over on Gadgetoid.

Here in Norwich we don’t have many exciting shops. However, I love popping into John Lewis and Jarrolds for a browse. I was in John Lewis at the weekend and happened to end up in the electrical section looking at radios and iMacs (pretty standard). After waddling around for a while I came across tablet cases and thought I’d see if there was anything that took my fancy. I’m quite fussy when it comes to picking phone cases and iPad cases. There are some really nice cases about the moment. The Knomo Folio is lovely but a little out of my price range at £35 though I am tempted by it as I’ve heard they’re fab quality. The other case I have my eye on is more affordable. The Belkin folio is under £25 and is another good quality brand. I’m staying well away from the pretty Orla Kiely one I saw because I it was around the £40 mark and that’s just way more than I want to be spending on an iPad case at the moment.

I’ve had a good look on Amazon and even spent way too much time looking at the cases available on Etsy (they have some lovely ones). I much prefer to buy things like this in person so I think it’s safe to say that I’ll grab one next time I’m in town. For now though, there is no harm in doing a little more research.

If any of you have seen pretty tablet cases around the internet then please feel free to share them!