ECOVER Mizu soothing body wash

Ecover mizu body wash – £3.76 but is usually cheaper in supermarkets

Although this body wash is gentle on the skin I sadly up getting a few reactions when I was using it. It was only after my shower that I noticed some little heat lumps on my skin which is something I’m used to getting from products which contain certain ingredients. At first I thought it could have been from the shampoo I was using but I think it was from using too much of the body wash. I’ve recently (since using it up) taken a look at the ingredients and spotted that it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate. SLS is in a lot of products and is used to make them foamy – you can find out more about it on the MyPure site. I know that products with SLS in can irritate my skin and cause my eczema to flair up if I use too much of them.


I finished using up the body wash because it smells lovely and to protect my skin I simply avoided using too much of it. It’s scented with lavender and aloe vera which makes it really refreshing.

Although I don’t think I’ll be buying this again it doesn’t mean that I dislike it. If you have ‘normal’ skin then I expect you would get on just find with this body wash, a lot of people have had positive experiences with it. My sister who has oily but normal skin loves this shower wash and hasn’t had any skin irritations form it. If you think that products which contains SLS irritate your skin then you may want to avoid it.

I think this bottle may have come form ASDA, I can’t quite remember as my mum got it for me a while back.