House & Home – Shower curtains

Morning, all. I’m planning on putting a shower curtain up in my bathroom and have been doing a bit of research to find something colourful and pretty. I’m not sure how much I want to spend on a shower curtain at the moment as I don’t know how long I’ll be staying in my current place. Here are a few shower curtains which tick the boxes of being pretty and colourful but come in varying prices.

I found this cheap and cheerful vintage floral shower curtain over on the Dunelm website. It’s just £7.99 and they have a wide range of other prints around the same price. If you’re wanting to replace the shower curtain in your rented house, flat or perhaps student accommodation then the range at Dunelm are the way to go. Actually, Dunelm are really good for general house bits and bobs. If you’re a new student and want to make your halls feel a bit more homely then I recommend checking out what they have on offer.

Floral curtain

Next up is this pretty little thing from John Lewis. This is the Walk The Plank shower curtain and is a little more expensive than the floral one. It’s £20 but with all things from John Lewis it’s bound to be pretty good quality. I really like this one as it will add a nice bit of colour to the bathroom which is something I’m looking to do in mine.

Walk the plank
Last up is a Modcloth favourite. Modcloth always have some lovely things but not necessarily easy on the pocket. They have a fantastic range of shower curtains but the one I like best is the periodic table of elements. I’ve seen this one around for a few years now and always thought it would have been good to have one when I was at school.

Periodic table


Which is your favourite?