Sunday links #9 – Marketing and watermelon hats

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Hello! It’s been a busy week for me. How have you been? I’ve spent the day travelling to and from London, Cambridge and Norwich so I only have a few interesting links for you today. I think there should be a good mix of things here so have a little look before you fall asleep. Let me know if you’ve spotted anything interesting around the internet this week and I’ll share it in my next post.

An interesting article about the selfie – My Selfie, Myself

The Business of Fashion have put together some fab tips on marketing

Have you seen the cute hats on ASOS lately? I’m thinking of adding this watermelon hat to my collection (I have the pumpkin one)

A very eye opening photo of Iran – then and now

I spent a little time sorting out my Pinterest boards this week. Let me know if any of you are on there so I can follow you

Florrie has found a few pretty dresses for autumn – my favourite is the one from Cutie

Here are some tips on making fruit and veg last longer

I know a lot of you dabble in the world of ecommerce so it might be worth taking a look at this article aboutĀ design mistakesĀ that could be damaging your sales.