Christmas themed clothes 2013

I think we’re all fully aware of the wide variety of Christmas jumpers knocking about this year. You know the ones, silly old oversized colourful knits with a chubby Santa smiling on the front, a red round robin in the snow or a winter wonderland. Although these jumpers are fun and cosy you can only wear them so many times, they just don’t go with many outfits. That’s why I wont be buying one this year. However, I do love buying holiday themed clothes (have you seen my pumpkin hat?) and I think there are better ways of incorporating the  festive season into your outfits other than through a cheesy Christmas jumper.

Here are my 6 favourite festive accessories to add a holly jolly feeling to your outfits.

Christmas themed clothes
1 – Reindeer hat    2 – Gingerbread jumper   3 – Holly Necklace   4 – Gingerbread necklace   5 – Holly flats  6 – Christmas pud coin purse

Will you be wearing festive themed clothes during December?