Cinders Bath Ballistic review

It’s around this time of the year that a warm shower doesn’t quite cut it and I start to crave a long warm bath. With these cravings comes frequent visits to Lush in the hope of spotting something that will work with my sensitive skin.

When I popped Cinders Bath Ballistic into a paper bag and took it to the counter I felt very naughty. I thought I’d end up irritating my poor skin with this wonderful scented thing. I was lucky, this bath bomb treated my skin with nothing but kindness. No irritation, no scratching and no rashes – just a wonderfully relaxing bath with a dash of popping candy.

Cinders is a beautiful ball of cinnamon and and orange. It makes your bath smell like Christmas (no staining is left) and helps to make you feel relaxed as you sip on a cup of tea and read your book.

These Christmas balls of fun are just £2.45. They’d make a fab stocking filler but it’s also worth treating yourself if you’e feeling a little run down.