Fancy advent calendars

I know I’m cutting it a bit fine with this post. I didn’t realise we were nearing the end of November, how has that happened? Have any of you got yourself one of the luxury advent calendars that are on offer this year? I see them as something that would make a nice gift, an early Christmas present of sorts. I’ve had a good look at the ones which have been available this year and it seems that people were stocking up early. The ones from Benefit and Boots looked fantastic but they’re already sold out. It will be worth keeping an eye out for them next year!

Here are 3 fancy advent calendars which I think would make a good gift, are still on offer and are good value for money:

Lux advent cals

The Yankee Candle advent calendar gives you a festive tealight candle behind each day in December. Having a new scent to burn each evening seems like a nice idea. Especially for people who always keep a candle lit during the cold winter evenings. There are 6 scents in total, all of which are from the festive collection. The 24th day treats you to something a little more special. This advent calendar is £21.99.

The Ciate mini nail varnish advent calendar is ideal for those who like keeping their nails looking pretty. This magical box of doors is filled with paint pots, glitter and caviar. You really get to try out a good selection of Ciate over the 24 days.

The last beauty in the line-up is this beautiful advent calendar for whisky lovers. Just look at those pretty bottles. At £149.95 you need to really be in the mood to treat yourself or someone very special. Each day you get a different 3cl sample of whisky. It’s up to you if you open it first thing in the morning or last thing at night. If you prefer gin then you should check out the Ginvent Calendar. It’s a little cheaper at £99.95 and there is a different sample behind each door.

If you have kids in the family then check out what Lego and Playmobil have to offer.

Finally, I’d like to point out that you can still pick up beautiful traditional advent calendars all over the place. I particularly like this Rupert Bear one which is filled with stickers.