Last minute Christmas Eve gift guide

I know this is very last minute. However, not everyone is super organised with their Christmas shopping. Work and daily life can easily be a barrier to getting it done and wrapped early. This post is for those of you who have finally finished work and will be popping into town on Christmas Eve to pick up a few gifts and Christmas treats.

We all know that gifts aren’t the main part of Christmas. Spending time with family, friends and eating delicious food is what counts. However I’m sure many of you love giving people useful, tasty and interesting gifts, as I do. I hope you find a little inspiration from my last minute gift list.

Speaking of tasty you need to check out They’re a fun and truly unique independent shop that sell things like Bacon Roses + Dark Chocolate. Yes, you read that right. A quirky and fun treat for any sweet and salty fan.

Let’s talk about books. Think about the people on your list; do they cook? do they bake? are they a fan of history and fashion or maybe they love to get lost in a fictional world. Whatever their interests are there will be a book for them. I also find that it’s good to think about what people are studying, their hobbies and even their future plans.

Go into your local Waterstones or independent book store and see what’s on offer. New and popular books will be visible on the main displays. Oh, another nice idea is to pick a cookery book and then buy a selection of ingredients, that’s what we’ve done for my sister this year.

book guide
1  – Sciencia     2 – Travel Listography    3 – Making History    4 – Vogue On Ralph Lauren     5 – Business Stripped Bare     6 – Eat

Now that we’ve covered books let’s talk about keeping cosy and relaxed. Everyone needs time to relax, even those who find it very hard to do so. I like to put together a pamper kit, film night or gaming selection together. These can be just the kick someone needs to put their feet up and relax, they’re fun to put together too.

Keep an eye out for PJs, socks, blankets, hot water bottles and slippers. Anything that you think would make a cosy evening at home. When you’ve picked your cosy items then move onto food and drink. Think along the lines of hot chocolate, wine, popcorn and maybe the key ingredients for Slutty Brownies. Finish off your goodie bag with a candle, a few magazines and a selection of films or a book.

Keeping cosy

1 – Joules Bambo stripe socks  2 – Lord of the woods mug  3 – Whittard hot chocolate   4 – Carrot PJs
 5 – Bronte check throw  6 – Vagapond spotty hot water bottle  7 – Joe & Seph’s popcorn

So when you’re planning to get all your shopping done on Christmas Eve you need a little plan. It really shouldn’t be too hard if you keep the following in mind:

– Make a list of everyone you need to buy for
– Think about their interests, hobbies, what they’re studying, future plans and personality
– Think about the shops you have access to
– Use your imagination to put together a creative selection of gifts based on their interests
– If you’re really stuck then go with food, M&S have a fab selection of hot sauces and other yummy treats
– Make a list of the shops you want to visit, what you want to buy and how you want to package them.

Enjoy spending Christmas Eve wrapping gifts and sipping on mulled wine. 

So, have you been organised or will you be braving the shops tomorrow? Either way, have fun and just enjoy yourself, don’t get too stressed.