November Rain review

I’ve started using candles much more than I ever have before. Partly because I’ve been working from home a lot and also because I’ve been spending a little extra on them and really noticing the difference. They’re very good at masking the smell of food in my house. A little more money seems to get you a candle that gives off a lovely, lasting scent and doesn’t burn out quite as fast as the cheap and cheerful ones I’m used to.

I tend to go for spicy candles, I love a good Christmas scent. I’m keen to try and expand my taste in candle scents. I picked up this November Rain candle just before Christmas. It’s just a little sample sized one from Yankee so I can’t imagine it cost much more than £1. I find that the sample candles are a good way of trying out something new without committing to a big fancy jar. To me, November Rain smells fresh, clean and very much like sexy men. Seriously.

What’s the most you would spend on a candle?