Pizza envy at Zizzi in Cambridge




When I was in Cambridge the other week I went out for a little shopping trip with my mum and a bite to eat. We went to a place called Zizzi for a cheeky pizza and glass of wine. These days I can only have buffalo mozzarella so I went for the only one on the menu which happened to be a ‘skinny pizza’. I wont lie, at first I had pizza envy. I wanted a big cheesy pizza and not the light skinny option that was placed in front of me. However, as soon as I tucked in I was quite happy with my choice. The little pizza and fresh crunchy salad turned out to be very very delicious. The pizza could have been a little bigger, but I guess it’s called ‘skinny’ for a reason. So not only was I kind to my skin by avoiding regular mozzarella but I was also (unintentionally) kind to my waist.

My only thoughts to Zizzi would be to offer more options with buffalo mozzarella, but I guess maybe next time I could ask if they will substitute the regular kind for it. Edit – they now offer a dairy free cheese. 

I had a lovely day out with my mum and it’s a shame we can’t do this as often as we used to. I plan on changing that in the new year by having more trips to Cambridge and London to hang out with my ma and pa.

I must add that the service was fantastic at Zizzi!