Tartan for 2013

Hello, all! How was the first day of your week? I spent most of the day at home cleaning out my flat. There’s still a long way to go but I’ve already bagged up a lot of rubbish and started to put together a few bags of clothes to take to charity. I’m really looking forward to a fresh start in the new year, I’m planning on changing my style a little! Anyway, enough about me, today I want to talk about tartan.

Mod Dolly smock   Vivienne Westwood Billfold wallet   Missguided Ambuja trousers    Urban Outfitters skirt   

Tartan comes around every year in the form of smart and cosy shirts. Some of my favourites have been hanging in the cupboard since my uni days and they’re still my go to shirts during autumn and winter. This year it seems that tartan trousers have taken over. Topshop do their good old cigarette trousers in a brilliant green check and because of the cut they’re very flattering. However, as much as I like them I doubt I’ll be getting a pair because I just don’t wear trousers enough. I’ve considered the darker shades because they would look better on my short little legs. The Missguided ones look good but I really don’t think I’d get enough wear out of them.

If the red and green check is all a bit too much for you then maybe you will like some of the alternatives I’ve found. I’ve pulled together some of my favourites items which I hope will give you some inspiration for different ways to incorporate tartan into your outfits.

If you don’t fancy something quite as intense as a pair of trousers or a skirt then you could always go for a wallet, purse or scarf. There are plenty of options out there. My personal favourite is the Mod Dolly dress. I actually like everything from that website and if you’re a fan of tartan, smocks and collars I’m pretty sure you will too.

It’s worth investing in tartan because it comes back around each year.

Which is your favourite item?