YO!Sushi – Mega Katsu Curry

Tripleox kindly handed over a few tickets for an event at Yo!Sushi. The evening was focused on the launch of their Mega Katsu Curry. I’d never tried a katsu curry before, so I was pretty excited to what this ‘mega’ dish was going to offer.

We headed over to Chapelfield in Norwich which is where our local YO!Sushi is. The Christmas lights had just been switched on so it was a very pretty and festive walk.

After meeting up with our fellow foodie friends we went on in and settled down with some green tea.

After our first round of green tea we quickly moved onto sake. Sake is made from fermented rice and I personally think it tastes like a very sweet wine. It’s served warm and is very strong, but perfect for this time of the year.

When the food was served and I immediately knew why they had squished the word ‘mega’ into the name of this dish. It’s huge!  A big bowl of sticky rice, topped with chicken and smothered in what can only be described as chip shop curry sauce (that’s not a bad thing). It’s bloody delicious and very filly. I didn’t even have room for mochi and I always get mochi!

The staff were very friendly and happy to have a chat with us about sourcing their fish. It was all very interesting but after a little too much sake I think you’re better to read all about it straight from their mouth.



If you’re like me and have friends who don’t like sushi, you can now assure them that YO!Sushi will have a delicious alternative for them.

The website is very cute and worth a little look.