Hello 2014


Hello 2014!

Did you do anything special for NYE? I spent the evening at home watching films and drinking Jim Beam. I enjoyed 2013 but as always I’m happy the new year is here because I love starting a new chapter. You probably didn’t know, but this little blog originally started with the title A New Chapter. We get so many chances to start fresh, to make changes and move onto something new but the new year is a time when we can all do it together.

I’m well and truly ready to start my first chapter of 2014. I often make goals on a monthly basis, sometimes even weekly. I find that having targets helps me to work harder and stay motivated. As well as my short-term goals I like to start the new year with a bunch of things that I’d like to continue with, do more of and achieve. Here is a little list:

– Read 1 book a month – I want to read less articles in the evening and focus on books
– Cook (at least) 1 new meal each week – I can bake well but need to brush up and expand upon my cookery skills
– Continue and improve my swimming/gym routine – I was getting 4 days a week done in December and would like to push it to 5
– Change my style – I aim to buy less but better quality items and find a more ‘grown up’ and classic style for myself
– Create a Blurb book for the year – I failed my goal of getting photos printed on a monthly basis in 2013
– Drink more water
– Worry less and be a yes woman