Yoghurt and Harissa Matinated Chicken

I should have blogged about this ages ago. I was sent a bunch of ingredients from Total and set about making Yoghurt and Harissa Chicken straight away. I decided to create a Vine and a few Instagram photos for my entry to the #TryTotal Challenge.

Anyway, because this is such a tasty and healthy meal I thought I’d share it. The recipe came with my Try Total Challenge but I’ve lost it and have put together the way I now do it. I hope some of you enjoy it.

What you need: Chicken, mint leaves, yoghurt, quinoa, fennel, mixed radishes, pomegranate, garlic, sweet peppers, lemon and Harissa paste

To make a dairy free version just swap out the yoghurt for Coyo.


First you need to grab a food bag.

Blob 2 big scoops of yoghurt inside (it also works well with cream cheese) and then add 2/3 spoons of Harissa.

Add your chicken into the bag and secure it. If you want to score your chicken then you can do so, I tend to forget this but it’s worth doing.

Now you just need to squish it about ’til the chicken is covered – leave it in the fridge for a few hours, if you have the time.

Slice the peppers, lemon, garlic and anything else you fancy – I often add mushrooms and red onion.

Pop them all into a Pyrex dish and then add the marinated chicken.

Pop the dish of food into the oven to roast for about 25/30 mins on 200C.

Keep an eye on the peppers – when they start to curl and go brown you should check your chicken.


Let your chicken do it’s thing in the oven.

Grab a pan and add a little quinoa. Cover with cold water then bring it to simmer. Turn the heat down and let it finish cooking for about 20 minutes.


This next bit is easy.

Slice the radishes, fennel (half) and pull apart the mint leaves.

Make the salad look pretty on the plate then sprinkle over the pomegranate.

Once everything is cooked add the chicken, peppers, quinoa and other tasty bits to the salad.

There is enough food for 3 or 2 of you could have it over a couple of days.

I’m making another version of this tonight, with a few different ingredients. If it’s any good I’ll share it with you next week.