Yankee Candle – Citrus Tango review

Citrus Tango


Citrus Tango by Yankee Candle* is perfect for burning in the kitchen. This is another candle from Yankee which looks beautiful in its jar and adds a burst of colour to the house.

The candle is filled with oranges, lemons and grapefruits and has a very authentic fragrance to it. I’ve been able to pick out the orange notes the most but still catch a zesty lemon kick every now and then. I’ve found that the scent is fresh and light and it takes about two hours of burning to really fill the room.

This large candle is now on offer for £13.99 and the small jar is £5.59 which I think is pretty good. I always prefer to pick candles up when they’re in the sale.

What is the most you would spend on a candle?