Beauty: Avène cleanser and face cream review

Avene products

I tend to stock up on products when Boots have their 3 for 2 offer – I gave the third product to my mum. 

One of my favourite skincare brands at the moment is Avène. They’ve actually been a favourite of mine for just over a year and yet I don’t believe I’ve spoke about them on here. I’m really sorry about that. These products are 100% worth sharing with you and if you have sensitive skin then they’re a must try brand.

It was my grandma who first told my mum and I how good Avène products were. My mum was quick to try them out and then treated me to a few bits for my birthday the other year. So, Avène is a bit of a family thing, there’s 3 generations of us who love the brand. That’s pretty good going and it also means we’re never stuck for gift ideas.

I’ve been using the Hydrance Optimale cream since late 2012 (I think) and in recent months I’ve started using the Micellar Lotion.

The Micellar Lotion stays by the side of my bed. I use this to remove all my make-up every night and cleanse my skin. It does a fantastic job of clearing my skin of make-up and even the strongest mascara. I normally use another product to remove eye make-up but we can all be a little lazy from time to time….right? This product leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean. There’s no sign of dry or tight skin which I’ve found some cleansers do. There’s a very light and fresh scent to the product.

The bottle I have is 200ml. I’ve had a couple of these now and they tend to last around 3 months, if not a bit longer. I often switch up my cleansers between this one and the Clarins One Step.

Once I’ve cleansed my skin I then move onto the Hydrance Optimale UV Riche cream (bit of a long name). When I buy creams for dry skin they’re usually very thick which is good for winter but not so much for summer. This cream isn’t thick but it is very hydrating making it perfect for those of us with dry skin during the warmer months. I’ve been using this cream during the morning and night because it’s so good. The cream has SPF 20 in which is something I usually go for when it’s available. It’s important to protect your skin all year ’round and having an added SPF in your cream makes things a lot easier. If the sun is shining then I usually top up with extra sun cream. There is no scent to the cream and it’s formulated for those of us with sensitive and dry skin.

The face cream comes in a 40ml tube. I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and there’s still a bit of product left. I’m hoping it lasts ’til the end of September and then I’ll be looking at products from Avène for the colder months.

Have you tried any products from Avène?