Food: Rosemary & Olive Oil Ritz Breaks

Ritz iPhone snap

You’ve all heard of Ritz crackers, right? How about the new Rosemary & Olive Oil Ritz Breaks? I honestly think Ritz may have just created something that I like more than their good old traditional crackers. About a month ago I was kindly sent a few packs of Ritz Breaks to try out. I liked the new Rosemary & Olive Oil flavour so much that I thought I should do a food review.

Ritz Breaks contain 6 individual packs of crackers with 5 rows of easy to snap crackers. They really do fit a lot of crackers into these small packets, I was surprised and very pleased. The crackers are very easy to snap off  and don’t make much of a crumble. They fit easily into a handbag which I found useful for when I was popping into London for the day. The individual packs also prevent you from devouring a whole box while you’re watching Autumnwatch.

I still enjoy the traditional crackers, they just work so well with a slice of cheese and a blob of pickle. However, I think the new ones seem to feel a little more grown up than the Original ones. I know that might sound a bit silly, but the crack of salt, flecks of rosemary and strong notes of olive oil go so well alongside a glass of wine.

Crackers are something that I often have in the house. They’re handy as late night snacks in the colder months, ideal for picnics in summer and dipping in hummus at lunch.

Will I buy these next time I’m in the supermarket? Yes, of course and I think I’ll be more likely to go for Rosemary and Olive Oil than the Original ones. 

Price: £1.89 but they’re usually on special offer for a little less. 

Have you tried Ritz Breaks?