My Shopping Basket: TK Maxx

Today I’m here to share a few things I picked up from TK Maxx earlier in the month. I really enjoy shopping in TK Maxx, mainly the home-ware section. On my latest trip I picked up a bunch of things for the kitchen and I thought that you might like to see.

First up is this set of Le Creuset Stoneware Ramekins. Le Creuset stoneware items are one of my favourite things to buy in TK Maxx. I’ve picked up bits in Norwich, Cambridge, Sheffield and Manchester so it’s safe to say they’re widely available. They regularly have new colours coming into the store and these little ramekins are something I’m always keeping an eye out for.  I actually have a bunch of them in different colours. So, what do I use them for? Well, as these can go in the oven so you can make desserts, small portions of stuffing or even just melt down butter for when you’re baking (I don’t have a microwave). I also find these excellent for serving up olives, dips and sweets. These are one of my top 5 items for the kitchen (I feel another blog post coming) and I use them on a daily basis. I paid around £7 for this set, they usually retail at £16.00.

Next I treated myself to a box of Bloom tea. I’ve never picked up any tea or food bits from TK Maxx but others have said it’s a good way of trying out new brands. I’d heard of Bloom teas before but never tried them and decided to grab a box of the rooibos flavour. I’m sure I’ll do a full tea review soon. This was about £2.99

Next we have the recyclable glasses. They didn’t come with any packaging and I picked up the only two I could find. These are made from a very thick glass and feel sturdy. I’m keen to get some more of these because I really do like them. I can’t explain why, but they’ve quickly become by favourite glasses to use. They have a bit of a rustic feel and look to them. These were £1.50 each.

Finally I picked up this silicone pig spatula. I’d been eyeing this up in TK Maxx for months, they always seem to have them in stock. This has already been really handy for baking, flipping eggs and just a handy thing to have in the kitchen. I think this was about £3.


If you would like a full review on any of these products then please let me know.